"Dream Matter"

by JPK-JustAPlaneKid

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HELLO! The Dream Matter EP is more than just an accumulation of songs; it is the story of my journey. I didn't start rapping until I was eighteen, and ever since then I've been surrounded by other amazing artists and musicians who've been doing it for way longer. Through their encouragement, criticism, and affirmation I was able to place value on the things God has placed in my heart and realize my passion is important, too. Dream Matter is the story of me pursuing my dreams through adversity, insecurity and doubt because not only do dreams matter, they're what make the world go round.
Even the songs are in a particular order to tell how my story unfolds. In "We Finally Needed a Song Like This" I introduce myself as a normal guy who likes girls but has a hard time getting them to show that I'm just like everybody else (well, maybe a bit more awkward...). The plot thickens in "A Halo Amidst The Horns," (Inspired by Jedi Gayongala) which is about a time in my life that I just didn't think I had what it takes to rap. Even though it wasn't easy I persevered through love towards my destiny, like "the butterfly breaking free from its cocoon." I hope to encourage listeners by letting them know that I am a normal person and I go through struggle, too. I might not be exactly where I want to be, but I'm pushing forward and I'm happy.
That brings us to "On the High Cloud." I was turning twenty-one and trying to get my life together, had just found out my dad had cancer, and on top of all that this song was taking FOREVER to write. I was texting a friend about stuff and let her know I was feeling down. Her response? "It's all good. Just get back on the high cloud!" So I did, turning the pain into transparency and finding joy in hope. This one is for my Dad & Sejj Kanabar!
"Sons of Thunder" is a super-personal track about two of the closest brothers I've ever had. We went through a lot together--some great, some hard. Aside from all the inside barz, the song is about community and how important it was to have brothers around me to support me and help propel me into my dreams. I'm a normal guy. I struggle. I'm pushing through and still pursuing my dreams, but what's important in the midst of this whole process is having community and people who support you, because you can't do it alone. I love you guys!
"Blast Off" sums it all up. After going through all these trials and experiencing all these emotions, you just gotta do it! Trust God and deal with failure when you fall, but never stop shooting for the top. Like I said, Dream Matter is more than just a statement; its a substance. Society would stop spinning if people didn't take the dreams in their heart and do them. Whether its a business idea that revamps the global economy or a masterpiece that inspires millions, people need to know that whats in their heart is important and valued and CAN change the world, but only if they are willing to go for it. Blast off, ladies and gentleman, and make YOUR dreams come true! =]

Keep Dreaming. YOUR Dreams Matter.


released August 10, 2012

1.We Finally Needed A Song Like This – JPK- JustAPlaneKid x NAK (Instrumental by: AYB Force “Asanova”)

2. A Halo Amidst The Horns – JPK- JustAPlaneKid x Jasmine Crisostomo (Instrumental by: Witness “Hope Springs Eternal)

3. “On The High Cloud” - JPK- JustAPlaneKid (Instrumental by: Kondor - “Let Me Think”)

4. “Sons Of Thunder” - JPK- JustAPlaneKid (Instrumental by: Blue Scholars “Dawn”)

5. “Blast Off” - JPK- JustAPlaneKid x Lydia Medill x Julian Andre (Instrumental by: Shinsight Trio “Early Dayz Amazement”)

6. Bonus Track: JPK- JustAPlaneKid x DesDes x VanVan (Instrumental by: AYB Force “Asanova”)

Credits & Shout Outs: Mixed & Mastered by: Art C De Baca III (CIII Productions)

Engineers: C.J. Santillan Riley, Ian J (Cardian), Julian Andre, Stephen Osborne, & Art C De Baca III.

Album Artwork by: Ananbelle Dimang

Copy Written by: David Wade

EP/Mixtape recorded at CIII Studios, GCC Studio, & PD (Persevering Destiny) Studios.

Special thanks to all my family & friends for believing in me & supporting all my dreams!!!! You are the reason why I am who I am today. Couldnʼt have done it with you!!! I thank God for giving me this opportunity. :D

Keep Dreaming. Dreams Matter.

(C) JustAPlaneKid



all rights reserved


justaplanekid Grove City, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: JPK-JustAPlaneKid x Jasmine Crisostomo - "A Halo Amidst The Horns"
“A Halo Amidst the Horns”

Its that time in the life when I thought I shouldn’t be rappin

Question Question /I wonder wonder when
When the storm of lies will ever ever end (HUh)
I’m not good enough I’m not where I want to be
look muster up a shut up
lies they pour into the mind
but distinguish the truth & extinguish the lies
I came to realize were all gifts from God
So (w)rappin. (hah) It’s Part of his job.

I’m like a butterfly breakin free from its cocoon
Struggle’s part survival, yeah you’ll see soon
I’ll blast off up to the moon, & I’ll land with the stars
Like my name is engraved on Hollywood Boulevard

Don’t live in the light of where you are
But who You’ll become & stay true to who you are
Compromise is your demise, conquer lies & you will rise
Shine your light & don’t conform, cuz you could be someones hope in their storm.

Your Halo Amidst the Horns, A Rose Amongst the Thorns
But you Gotta keep pressin on, on & on & on (4x)

Listen struggle builds character, & character determines your destiny

Sing it with me now

Your Halo Amidst the Horns, A Rose Amongst the Thorns
But you Gotta keep pressin on, on & on & on (4x)

(C) JustAPlaneKid
Track Name: JPK-JustAPlaneKid - "On The High Cloud"
1st verse:

(haha) What up? JustAPlaneKid here. Yo, When your feeling down just get back up on that High Cloud. BLAST OFF!

its 2011 writing rhymes is my form of expression, like prayers to my father in heaven
I walk in, important first impression, smiling brighter than the suns reflection
this Beauty kidnaps my attention, abduction.
i know how Extraterrestrials function. Roswell, is the place i was raised in.
follow me to a place thats so foreign, a place, out of earths rotation, a place filled with roads, - with no limitation
past the milky way into a whole new creation,
I know all the highways and intersections
if you need direction? i can guide you to each and every constellation.
lets get light years away from frustration, and float into a place called inspiration

space a time and place where we don't worry about the future, or past tense, just the present its a gift just receive it. It a gift so just receive it. Look.

Pre Chorus:
imagination is a box full of crayons
creation is the canvas you color on
passion is taking off with the jet pack on
inspiration invitation for you to come along

when hope seems lost i take off with my box full of crayons
& jet pack off up to the high cloud
to escape the place of feeling feeling down.
(Up up We Go, Up Up Lets Go! )-adlibs

2nd verse.
April 8th the date before i turn 21 ,
I got to breath grown up deep down into my lungs
no longer can i blame my mistakes on being young
once midnight strikes a new journey has begun

to be honest Im no alcoholic,
a lil over average in the athletics,
i strive hard in academics, still dont know mathematics
studying lyrics,music, but still don't understand it

this is my career, I got deep fear
I seem destined to go nowhere,
always wanna feel higher like a ferris wheel, but life's just no fair
top of all that my dad gots cancer in him

answers whispering within through heavens Healings
no matter where your heading you got to deal with something
life is like an hourglass, when it all falls down, turn it all around

no matter what your going through
continue the pursuit of seeing dreams come true
the only one stopping you, is well only you
persevere, reach the place you've always wanted to

imagination is a box full of crayons
creation is the canvas you color on
passion is taking off with the jet pack on
inspiration invitation for you to come along

Chorus 2xs:
when hope seems lost i take off with my box full of crayons
& jet pack pack up to the high cloud
to escape the place of feeling feeling feeling down.
(Up up Lets Go , Up Up We Go!)-adlibs

everything around you is a blessing and treasure
the worlds not get worse its getting better and better
your the answer to the subtraction of the problems
your the difference.


(C) JustAPlaneKid
released 11 November 2011
Instrumental "Let me think" -Kondor
Track Name: JPK-JustAPlaneKid - "Sons Of Thunder"
Hello, greetings to my earthlings, its JPK, straight from Roswell, New Mexico, This one goes out to my brothers, Sons of Thunder, to all my family and friends that supported me, Thanks for your love.
Check this.

Yo, There’s none other, better than a brother, who sticks with you through all types of weather, whether, its raining balloons or confetti, bullets or machetes, he’s there to celebrate, & lift the pain, to sponge all the accumulating tears you rain, down form your cumulous nimbus cloud, you hear that sound
It’s a mere utter, from this son of thunder, cuz this is what my heart screams devastated that you leave me, only with memories, so next time your driving in the sunny, the rainy, bullets, or confetti just don’t forget me, with my face smiling
And my hands waving, that’s a Kodak moment, picture that imagery, develop it & save it in your album of memories

Just like your favorite shot
The music fades away
All good things come to an end
But once it stops just play
& listen to it again

Verse 2:
bumpin heads like bass in the speakers, vibrations in the ears of the listeners even in the midst of all that we still got each others back, help each other stay strong, when were feelin weak, cuz every week we gotta stay grounded, cuz life “It’s a Grind” this brotherhood kept me alive, & I take owner x ship like it is mine. Brothers killin it with the physical real lethal, threat single, we got to be careful, sharing love, through each flexed smile, oblivious to the trials, we got to stay practical, with principles simple, like sisters before misters, & brothers before lovers, & we cant forget who kept the secret that you once whispered, stick to them like a sticker to a binder.

Just like your favorite shot
The music fades away
All good things come to an end
But once it stops just play
& listen to it all over again

Now don’t take for granted, what has landed in your planet, embrace the martian, and everything in him, cuz one is lonely, two is security, & three is company, three chords stranded is stronger together then separated be entangled in Gods knot find warmth under the security blanket of friendship.

(C) JustAPlaneKid